Greenway Shipping AS – Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan approved!

1. oktober 2013

Greenway Shipping AS are proud to announce being the first barge operator to achieve DNV approved SEEMP certification. The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan on our barges is in line with our target to meet and exceed our customers expectations and also our environmental policies.

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Greenway Shipping AS: Arrival North Sea – «Greenbarge 3 & 4»

1. juli 2013

This week our barges «Greenbarge 3″ and «Greenbarge 4″ safely arrived at Steinsvik, north of Stavanger, Norway, after a 150 days journey from Dalian, China. Both barges are prompt available and ready for operation.  

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Greenway Shipping AS: Greenbarge 1 & 2 – Arrival North Sea

13. juni 2013

«Greenbarge 1 & 2″ safely arrived in the North Sea Area early June, and both barges immediately entered contract committment for two major offshore clients. Above is «Greenbarge 1″ being loaded with some offshore templates. The sister barges «Greenbarge 3 & 4″ are expected to the North Sea late June. Present position is west of […]

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Greenway Shipping AS: Delivery of «Greenbarge 3 & 4»

21. januar 2013

Greenway Shipping are happy to confirm delivery of «Greenbarge 3 » and «Greenbarge 4″ today, Tuesday 8th January. Both barges will immediately be towed to the North Sea together with its sister barges «Greenbarge 1 & 2″. All four barges are ready for operation in the North Sea primo May. Greenway Shipping has option for […]

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Sonowand – Early resection of low grade glimoas

6. november 2012

October 30, 2012 A newly published study in JAMA and presented at EANS 2012 in Bratislava shows that early resection of Low Grade Gliomas nearly doubled median survival for the patients operated with the 3D ultrasound based intra-operative imaging system Sonowand Invite. For hospital favoring biopsy and watchful waiting the median survival was 5,9 years while […]

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Greenway Shipping AS – ISO certification

9. oktober 2012

Greenway Shipping AS is proud to announce that we today received the ISO 9001:2008 DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate. The certificate is valid for our core business service ranges: «Management of offshore support vessels, tugs and barges» Greenway Shipping AS continuously work to improve our systems and procedures and appreciate the good cooperation with Det Norske […]

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Greenway Shipping AS launch two new Greenbarges

31. august 2012

Greenway Shipping AS are proud to announce that the «GREENBARGE 1″ and «GREENBARGE 2″ was succesfully named and launched during a ceremony at Dalian Shipyard, Friday 24th August 2012. Ceremony at Dalian Shipyard, 24.08.12

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Sonowand – Dr. Andrej Steno publishes an article regarding the use of intraoperative ultrasound

21. august 2012

Dr. Andrej Steno, Department of Neurosurgery, Derer´s Hospital, Comenius University School of Medicine, with colleges have published an article regarding the use of intraoperative ultrasound in combination with awake surgery and bipolar stimulation, during resection of a tumor that partly infiltrates the optic pathway. The scientific article, Navigated three-dimensional intraoperative ultrasound-guided awake resection of low-grade […]

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Sonowand receives FDA Clearance

25. juli 2012

Sonowand AS has received a 510(k) clearance from the FDA for our bracket- and clamp-adapters. SonoWand Invite supports a number of trackable instruments and smart accessories allowing you to safely navigate your surgical instrument. Different adapters are available, and may be used to add navigation to your surgical too. The adapters are suitable for most […]

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Greenway Shipping AS – New contracts

24. juli 2012

Greenway Shipping AS is proud to announce the newbuilding contract for another two Standard North Sea Barges with Dalian Shipyard. The barges, which are to be named “Greenbarge 3 & 4″ will be delivered in Q4-2012. Both barges will be registered in NOR. Greenway Shipping Homepage [singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=none]

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